Demystifying the Monologue

Demystifying the Monologue by Leonard PetersMonologues are mysterious. The audience stares at a total stranger, wondering who he or she is and how the character will reveal itself. Performing monologues, however, should not be a mystery, and in Demystifying the Monologue, you’ll discover how to turn two minutes of stage time into the performance of a lifetime.

Demystifying the Monologue unmasks the monologue, giving you, the actor, a road map to picking, practicing, and performing one. Leonard Peters offers hands-on ideas for developing characters and revealing conflicts that will make your next monologue a one-person success story. With tips for selecting a piece for auditioning or performing a monodrama, analyzing its structure, and highlighting the moments that demand artful choice, Peters’ guide to the form is just as practical as it is entertaining. He even includes mark-ups of actual scripts to show you exactly how to apply his ideas.

Demystifying the Monologue takes you deep inside one of acting’s most beloved forms-and one of the most difficult to master. Read it, dog ear it, and leave the mystery of the monologue where it belongs-with your audience.

Heinemann Drama (2006), paperback, 224 pages.

Demystifying Public Speaking

Demystifying the Monologue by Leonard PetersDemystifying Public Speaking offers a road map to a successful presentation. With tools and steps that help you solve the mystery of public speaking. It helps choose material for inclusion in your presentation. It offers ways to fulfill the potential of your chosen material. It describes simple ways to focus your listeners on your most important aspects. Use technology and electronic aids but remember the human voice with all its power is your strongest communicator.

How to become a clear, concise, and confident speaker, easily and comfortably delivering a knowledgeable, interesting, and highly likeable presentation is the focus of this book.