Demystifying the Monologue: Reviews

Demystifying the Monologue: Reviews

“‘A monologue is a dialogue between two people,’ points out Leonard Peters in the introduction to his Demystifying the Monologue. ‘One person is speaking, the other listening and reacting, creating a relationship between the two. The other person, the listener, is the more important… because he holds the key to helping a character achieve his objective.’ In that statement. Peters lays the groundwork for the system he presents in this thoughtful, well-written book. Topics include selecting a piece for auditioning or performing, analyzing its structure and highlighting moments that develop character or reveal the conflicts that can bring the piece to life. Peters also includes scripts that have been marked up, to illustrate how to apply his ideas. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Peithman, Stage Directions

“[Peters] is thorough in discovering all the vibrations one can find in a simple line. Beneatha’s opening [in Raisin in the Sun], for example, could go down in history as one of the hardest openings spoken by an actor: ‘Me? Me? Me, I’m nothing…me.’ Peters takes this deceptively simple sentence, and finds an action verb for each moment.
‘Me?’ — to ask (blankly)
‘Me?’ — to ask (questioningly)
‘Me?’ — to share (factually)
‘I’m nothing…’ — to inform (triumphantly)
‘Me.’ — to acknowledge (Ironically).

And that’s just one amid no less than five interpretations he offers for the sentence.”

Mike Albo, American Theatre Magazine