“Technology and electronics are valuable aids in your presentation but only a focused,relaxed and confident public speaker has the power to immediately connect with thehuman being receiving your information.”

Any time you talk to another person you are speaking in public. Whether one person or hundreds of people it is public speaking. The best public speaking is simple, focused, and direct. The more personally invested you are in your talk, speech, or presentation the more involved your audience will be in receiving your message.

As a communication coach I bring an expertise earned through decades of work in the theatre and coaching. I have directed plays and taught acting, both important assets in communication coaching.

In New York, Washington, D.C., and across the USA I have directed more than forty
productions. Each production has its own unique communication problems to solve.
The director’s job is to communicate the writer’s story through the character’s dialogue. The director coaches actors using simple, interesting, straight-forward, imaginative, and innovative ways to communicate with their audience. He is a stand-in for the audience. He clarifies each moment, being confident all the pieces add up to a cohesive and enjoyable whole.

My gift with actors easily translates to other professions and is used effectively in such diverse fields as: architecture, finance, healthcare, law, media, politics, publishing, real estate, and religion.

“Knowing what you want your audience to take away from your speech or
presentation brings focus and clarity.”

Comprehensive, personal one-on-one work, or group seminars and workshops, results
in an easy, comfortable, and assured presentation. Learning how to reach your
audience creates a warm, informative, and focused speaker. You will master public
speaking and confidently communicate all points of information you want your
audience to receive and take away. Knowledge of the techniques of public speaking
turn your greatest fear into and an experience of enjoyment.

“Talking to someone you know brings comfort, ease, and assurance to your presentation.”

Client Comments

“I came to Leonard Peters with a strong desire to be able to talk to people about a book I had just written, but with very little technique and with even less confidence. With great expertise and patience, Leonard taught me how to speak in public and to do so with a sense of calm and security. He is one of the great teachers I have encountered in my life.”

-Adam Brandenburger, J.P. Valles Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University, and co-author of Co-opetition (Doubleday, 1996)

“Leonard’s insight and ability helped me to focus my presentations. He efficiently targeted and prioritized my work so that I was confident in delivering what my clients most needed. Working with Leonard was an awesome experience.”

– Greg Slamowitz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, The Ambrose Group

“In preparation for a series of talks about my first book, I worked with Leonard Peters and with remarkable results; he helped me gain the fluency in public speaking, and a comfort with it, that I had long been seeking.”

– Gabrield Schoenfeld, Senior Editor, Commentary

“I worked with Leonard Peters for a long time, and his coaching made an enormous difference in my abilities and skills as on camera talent. Through a variety of personalized exercises, he reshaped my whole approach. Soon, it didn’t matter if I was at the top of a ski mountain as a reporter or in a studio as a host; Leonard gave me tools that allowed me to always center myself and to listen better. He taught me a hugely important lesson that was crucial to my professional growth; less is often more in the realm of television and that helped me get the work I wanted.”

-Kate Milliken, On-Camera Talent: TNN, TNT, Fox Sports and Versus Network

“Leonard and I met in the Seventies, now years later, I can see him on the darkened stage patiently and attentively going over the script with the playwright word by word and paying attention to the smallest nuances of the actor’s performances. Looking at my own career, I often wish that I had taken acting lessons myself. Not that I would ever want to be on stage but I think that the ability to step back and calibrate one’s presentation to others is immensely valuable. I can’t imagine anyone being both more insightful and patient as Leonard and would recommend him to anyone.”

-Steve Duffy, Architect: Owner of Stonywoods Art Center and Gallery

“Coach Leonard Peters is an amazing teacher. After just three months working with Coach Leonard I feel like a new person. Before working with Coach Leonard every time I had to speak before an audience my hands would start to shake and I would feel sick to my stomach. Those feelings no longer exist when I have to speak before an audience. Coach Leonard has helped me to find my voice. For this I am forever grateful.”

-Matthew Silverstein, Democratic State Committeeman


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