Master Classes

Master Class Workshops in Performing Monologues

Leonard Peters’s Master Class Workshop, Demystifying the Monologue, covers the process from choice to performance. Using Peters’ road map, you will come to revel in performing monologues. By creating the other person you will not be acting alone. Your monologue becomes a two-person scene. The person you are talking to is the important key to reaching your objective; they can change your life. Having them with you throughout your monologue brings a focus and intensity easily achieved by creating their reality and specifically knowing what you want from them.

As a theatre director Peters is known as “an actor’s director.” Coming from an acting background, he understands the actor’s process. He is a master at guiding you to the creation of a fully-realized, organic, three-dimensional human being. His expertise leads you to discovering and using variety with the subtlest of words and sentences. As an actor he trained with Stella Adler, Sandy Meisner, Milton Katselas and the “Audition” guru, Michael Shurtleff.

His six week Master Class results in 2 performance-level monologues ready for auditions. The final class is viewed by a casting director. Enrollment is limited. For further details contact

Master Class in Script Analysis

Peters’ work as a director, dramaturg and teacher has honed his insight and enables him to lead the actor to both a unique and knowledgeable perspective into the heart of their character and the spine of the play. His moment-by-moment analysis of the text delves into a deeper understanding and importance of your character’s needs, wants, and history. These discoveries offer a vast variety of choices for your character. The gained knowledge of analyzing a script guides you to create an organic character who is complex, multi-layered, and totally your own personally unique creation.

Peters’ Script Analysis workshop awakens you to the importance of the playwright’s specific use of place and time. Learning the author’s intent raises the stakes for your character. Each explored aspect directs you to the playwright’s subtleties and variety in each moments. You will be alerted to the necessary research for fulfilling the depth and truth in your character. This joyfully intense Holmesian investigation aids in your creating a three-dimensional character fully alive in the moment.

Peters’ Script Analysis Class is based on a technique adapted from his years of study with Stella Adler and his own work as an acting teacher, director and dramaturg.

His workshop is a six-class intensive with limited enrollment. For further details contact Leonard Peters at